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About me: Hello! This is Troy and Welcome to my page. Where Amazing things Happens. Want to be my friend?? ...Okay, very simple.... Here's my rule ....All you have to do is, be an active uploader. :):).... I dont wanna see an empty profile of yours. :ninja::ninja: Upload 15 videos for at least not more than 6 months older. 8-)8-) ::.... Or give me a reason and convince me, Why should i accept your request. Besides on my rule.... I Love recording new models, or unknown models. Its a big yes for me. :D:D... No videos, Deny. :angry:,... If your videos are are more than 6 months and older, Deny :happy: ....if you download and copy your videos from another Cam site, Deny. :unsure: And Small clips under 3 mins i will also deny your request..... Don't be upset and mad if i deny your request because I put money, time and effort to record all my videos. So, Im expecting you will do the same. 8-)8-)

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