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Country: Iceland
City: Bjarnarhöfn
Joined: 1 year ago
Gender: Male
Relationship status: Open
Posted: 661 videos
Age: 32
Sexual orientation: Straight
Favourites: 336 videos , 3 playlists
About me: I get 40-60 friend request everyday and i am struggling to manage all the friends. Please only send me request if you have 20+ videos. Sometimes I may reject if i cannot find any model that i know in your collection, helps me with not getting too addicted. If you get rejected please don't be upset, it is nothing personal. Even i get rejected sometimes. Peace :angel::angel: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DO NOT WRITE ANYTHING ON YOUR FRIEND REQUEST MESSAGE. OR WILL BE IGNORED!! _______________________________________________________________________ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Upload Policy: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ * I try to upload quality contents only. So I will not upload random and average videos to increase my video counts. ___________________________________________________________ * Resolution is always good with the exception of good models with shit cam or old videos. ______________________________________________________________________________ * I will not upload too many content of the same model unless few people shows interest. _______________________________________________________________________________ * I try not to upload videos of models with plenty of uploads from other users. _________________________________________________________________________________________ * Don't forget to subscribe for constant updates :D:D